Diagrammer™ is a visualization system.

Diagrams use proximity, scale, and links to clarify hierarchy and relationships between information, making your message more easily understood.

Choose from more than 4,000 customizable diagrams and download the free PowerPoint®-ready file to enhance your presentation.

  • What type of diagram are you looking for?

    Identify the relationship. Choose from categories below.

    • Flow: Linear
      Flow: Linear

      Shapes flow linearly but not necessarily straight.

    • Flow: Loop
      Flow: Loop

      Shapes flow creating a closed loop.

    • Flow: Merge/Divide
      Flow: Merge/Divide

      Shape separate from or combine with other shapes.

    • Flow: Parallel
      Flow: Parallel

      Shapes flow in a parallel direction, no shape intersects.

    • Join: Hook
      Join: Hook

      Shapes that have a hook-and-eye, causing them to interlock

    • Join: Overlap
      Join: Overlap

      Shapes touch or share space with each other.

    • Segment: Donut
      Segment: Donut

      Shapes cut into pieces but has a hole or hub in the middle.

    • Segment: Pie
      Segment: Pie

      Shapes cut into pieces with the centre pieces coming to a point.

    • Network: Flare
      Network: Flare

      Network with a vertical or horizontal dierection to it.

    • Network: Hub and Spokes
      Network: Hub and Spokes

      Network expanding from a central hub concentrically.

    • Network: Ring
      Network: Ring

      Network connecting exterior shapes with each other.

    • Network: Spokes
      Network: Spokes

      Network expanding from a centre without a hub.

    • Stack: Horizontal
      Stack: Horizontal

      Collection of shapes stacked horizontally.

    • Stack: Vertical
      Stack: Vertical

      Collection of shapes stacked vertically.

  • What type of diagram are you looking for?

    Select the number of objects you want to represent.

    • 1 Node
      1 Node
    • 2 Nodes
      2 Nodes
    • 3 Nodes
      3 Nodes
    • 4 Nodes
      4 Nodes
    • 5 Nodes
      5 Nodes
    • 6 Nodes
      6 Nodes
    • 7 Nodes
      7 Nodes
  • What type of diagram are you looking for?

    Choose a 2D or 3D Perspective.

    • 2D shapes
      2D Shapes
    • 3D Shapes
      3D Shapes

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